FREE Track & Trace System is a FREE Track & Trace system. Brought to you by AsOne, it couldn’t be easier to comply with Track & Trace regulations that came into force in the UK on the 14th September 2020.

For Business: How it works

Setting up your track and trace couldn't be easier, simpler or quicker

  1. Set up a free account
  2. Create your Profile
  3. Print the unique QR code we supply
  4. Visitors scan the QR code with their phone

For Visitors: Checking In

The process of checking in is completed on your guest's smartphones, it is completely contactless contactless.

  1. Scan QR code with a phone (or visit the URL)
  2. Fill in the form on their own phone
  3. Data is stored securely online
  4. Data that is older than 21 days is permanently deleted

For Business: Providing Data to the NHS

You can login and download the last 21 days of guest data at any time. This will be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet which you can provide to the NHS quickly and easily.

For Business: Linking to your Menu

Once visitors have checked in, you can send them straight to your menu - helping you to keep contactless and helping your customers keep their distance.

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